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This school starts February and ends with the outreach the first days of July. The training consists of three months of theoretical classes and two months of practice (outreach).


This school starts the last days of September and ends during the final days of February. The training consists of three months of theoretical classes and two months of practice (outreach).


The Discipleship Training School is designed for students to seek and to know God.

We encourage students to cultivate an intimate friendship with the Lord, develop godly character, and know God’s purpose for their lives.

The DTS emphasizes seeking God, knowing Him more, and hearing His voice. It is an intimate journey of discovering God’s nature and character while learning to follow his ways.

Part One: Learning and Receiving
(Knowing God)

This first stage is 12 weeks long and is filled with teachings, workshops and personal discipleship. It is a time to establish a solid spiritual foundation and develop godly character.

You will participate in small groups and have a mentor who will pray for you, encourage you, and help you put all you are learning into practice.

There is a team of YWAM leaders serving in the school to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord.
This is also a stage to prepare for outreach, with an emphasis on teamwork and developing unity with fellow classmates.

Part Two: Outreach
(Making God known)

These 8 weeks are designed to put everything you have learned from the first stage into practice. This includes several opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus with people in new and unique places.

These missionary journeys are to other provinces in Argentina and/or another country. These are formative journeys of faith to go where God is leading, where you’ll be used by him to minister to others.

During this time you can share your personal testimony, work as a team, build friendships, and work with churches. Your team leaders will provide several ministry opportunities to help you grow and take steps of faith.

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